/Ideas for rooftop gardens

Ideas for rooftop gardens

With green spaces on the decline in urban environments, city-dwellers must become more creative when it comes to their own outdoor spaces. This is no bad thing. Through rigorous planning and design, urbanites are creating gardens that are functional, innovative and more personal. One of the most innovative solutions to a lack of outdoor space is creating a rooftop garden. While you may lack a significant outdoor space, consider turning that unused space above your home into your own urban jungle.

If you live in an apartment block, or are adjacent to buildings that block out the sun, consider more shade-tolerant plants like ferns or ivy. These plants will flourish in full or partial shade and fill your rooftop with luscious greenery.

Oftentimes a smaller rooftop garden will feel larger if it is left open. Opt for transparent borders instead of fences. In addition, utilizing the vertical spaces you have is another sure fire way to take advantage ofthe space in your rooftop garden.

Some plants are more fragile than others, and windy conditions may dry out the surface of the soil, or break the plant’s stem systems before they are fully matured. Avoid using plants with thin stems in areas prone to wind or extreme weather such as hail. Alternatively, secure the plants with a fence or border to ensure they reach maturity.

Construct your own edible roof garden by opting for low-growing plants such as turnips, spinach, lettuce or carrots. These are not only capable of withstanding wind and extreme conditions, but will also provide you with your own home-grown vegetables, which can be altered seasonally.

Sparsely populating your garden with small shrubs and plants will maximize the space for your guests. Create a focal-point with an outdoor fireplace or running water-feature. Alternatively, using plants in larger containers as a centerpiece to your garden will add a natural sense of dimension. Avoid lots of little plants as this can lead to any space feeling overcrowded.

Planting mature lavender or rose bushes in well-sheltered areas will fill your rooftop garden with lush aromas.

Do not be afraid to upcycle. Repurposing wooden crates or pallets is a great way to create an environmentally friendly rooftop garden. Wood also adds a rustic, natural feel to any outdoor space.

Get creative! Turn your roof into what you want it to be. Whether you are looking to entertain your friends and family or simply search for solitude in an urban oasis, personalizing your rooftop garden has never been easier with help from Garden Club London.

With outdoor space at a premium in the city, it is time for urbanites to embrace the space they have. While green space in our cities is often compact, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t fun to be had with what space there is. Planning and designing your own rooftop garden so it is multi-functional and integrated into modern-life is a great way to utilize the space you own. There are pockets of greenery to be made.