/Amazing Features Found on Top Homes Today

Amazing Features Found on Top Homes Today

While there are still shoppers out there looking for homes based on the amount of square feet inside, the number of bedrooms and the overall condition of the roof, others shoppers look for homes that include more high end features. Located in cities across the country, these features appeal to those who can afford to spend more on a new home. Though you may not need a home with a bowling alley in the basement, you may want to look for homes that have some of the most amazing features you ever saw before. You’ll find these homes for sale through companies marketing high end homes.

Theater Rooms

If you think of theater rooms as ordinary rooms that let have surround sound systems, think again. The rooms found in homes today look like a miniature version of a full movie theater. Some homes have rooms complete with chairs that lean back, screens twice the size of even the largest television and audio systems that enhance all the sounds heard. You’ll even find theater rooms that have a working popcorn machine and soda fountain inside as well as a candy display or counter.

Heated Floors

Do you live in a region with a cold winter climate that makes you wince each time you put your feet on the floor in the morning? With heated floors, the cold will never again bother you. Heated floors feature a top surface and bottom surface with a series of heating elements inside. Contractors can remove the existing top level of flooring, place the elements inside and connect those elements to the electrical system before replacing the flooring. Some homes even have a switch on the wall that lets you turn the floor on and off or a control for adjusting the temperature of the floor.

Outdoor Ponds

Another impressive feature found on some high end properties for sale is an outdoor pond. These ponds go beyond those you might normally see in nature though and include features like man-made waterfalls and other water features. The pond may have Koi fish or other wildlife living in the water that you will be responsible for feeding and taking care of too. If the home has a larger pond, it might include boats that you can take out on the water or a bridge for crossing over the water.

High end homes can easily cost millions of dollars, but if you can afford a home in that price range, you’ll find that those properties are well worth the price. When meeting with real estate agents and looking at some of these homes, you may want to look at luxury and expensive features like heated floors, ponds and theater rooms.