/Before You Call Extermination Services, Try These 7 Tips

Before You Call Extermination Services, Try These 7 Tips

If there are pests in the house, our first instinct is to call extermination services, but it can also be worth trying to deal with the problem yourself without leaping for professional assistance. With the following tips, you can have a real influence against pest invasion, keeping your home calm, safe and hygienic.

Seal the Entrances

Pests enter your home via cracks, gaps and crevices, and fixing these entry points is the first essential step. Look for cracks in pipes, missing tiles and foundation holes, and have these fixed before the pests create serious damage. The rule of thumb is if the hole is large enough for a pencil, it’s large enough for vermin. Look for cracks near wires and wood planks where pests could get through.

Screen Openings and Vents

Putting up screens on chimney vents is a surefire way of keeping pests at bay, as screening chimneys and other openings can prevent bat or bird infestations. While installing chimney screens or caps is straightforward, it’s also wise to inspect them on a regular basis to determine if they need to be maintained or replaced.

Proper Food Storage

Leaving food lying around is one of the easiest ways to attract ants, flies and other pests. Keep your food in locked containers and keep them in the cupboard, and seal open food in plastic bags; pests can access cardboard boxes, making them inappropriate for food storage. Fruits should be kept in the fridge to keep ants and fruit flies away. If you have a pet, keep a close eye on whether they have finished eating, and store away any leftover food.

Proper Waste Disposal

Pests are drawn to leftover food and waste, so ensure that your trash cans are tightly sealed and emptied regularly. Keep the bins far from your home’s entry points to avoid attracting pests, and clean away litter in and around your house. Always make certain to wash your recycling containers, as residues from empty food cartons can leak onto the surface.

Clean Your House

This might be stating the obvious, but a clean house is essential for keeping pests away. Sweep or vacuum floors regularly, clean bread crumbs, food bits and spills as soon as possible and clean dust off furniture. Avoid leaving dishes in your sink for too long, and make sure that your yard is also clean and well kept.

You probably already know that wet environments attract fungus, but they also draw in pests. By keeping your home dry, pests will be deprived of water and feel obliged to look elsewhere. For example, cockroaches can’t last more than a week without water, and the same applies to most other pests.

Aside from wiping out water and liquid stains, ensure gutters are properly installed to direct water to its appropriate destination. Mop up any puddles, and always drain water on the sink.

Remove Clutter

One of the things that you’ll notice with infestations, is that they often strike cluttered homes and areas. Aside from a standard cleaning routine, you should also regularly remove or de-clutter wood, newspapers, plastic bags and boxes, as these provide ideal haunts for insects and bugs. If you need to retain some boxes and newspapers, make sure to keep them organized.

Keep bushes and plants trimmed, so animals won’t be able to hide there or use them to enter your home. It is especially important to have a clutter free home if the area is prone to fleas.

Check All Items You Bring in the House

This includes pets, food items, furniture, bedding etc. Inspection is even more important if you’re buying a used item, as you can’t know exactly where the item has been kept, or which pests it might have previously been exposed to. Give your pets regular baths and groom them well, especially if you let them play outside the house.


There are many ways in which you can keep your home pest-free, and with a bit of upkeep, the chances of bugs and pests getting in your home are pretty small. However, if you still find yourself with a problem that seems out of control, professional help is always at hand. With a little bit of assistance, you can find yourself with a home that is once again free from pest influence, ensuring you safety, security and hygiene in your living environment.