/How to determine the position of a fan for effective cooling?

How to determine the position of a fan for effective cooling?

Fan has been there since olden times. It is a machine which has been in use in various countries and its historical illustration has been given in accounts of historian or foreign travellers from various countries. The device was a luxury item during the reign of British in India.

Fan is a device which is primarily used for cooling purposes and for this a fan uses a motor and a rotor for pushing the particles of fluid (in the case of normal cooling this is air) which in turn on achieving extra kinetic energy hit us flowing at somewhat speed and this feels like a breeze or a gust of wind.

Various types of cooling fans are available in the market, which can be used accordingly. There are table fans, tower fans, window fans etc. which can be used as per their specifications for effective cooling. For effective cooling there are many modes and ways in which the fan should be used but the problem is that very few people know about these effective methods. Let’s know about few of these methods which would give us relief even when there is just fan available to us on a day when it is really hot.

  1. When the day is really hot and there is only fan available to you, then if the temperature outside your house has dropped below the temperature of the room then place the fan such that it is facing an open window and the fan pushes all the hot air out of the room and in the meanwhile open a window opposite to the fan from where cool air from outside gushes in to take the place of the hot air thrown out. Draw curtains and shut off the other doors and windows to keep the sun out and the heat from outside.
  2. A person can use window fan effectively as such that the window fans should be placed on the side where window is facing a side where the temperature is less,fore say there be a park or a garden where due to natural features the temperature is very low and the air is pulled from there and mixed with the hot air inside thus cooling the room slowly. In the opposite direction to the window there should be another window fan a level slightly above than the previous one which sucks the hot air of the room and throws it outside thus doubling the cooling effect.
  3. The most efficient way is to use the air available in the room and the most cool layer of air present in the room is near the floor as the hot air rises up and thus the best way would be to place the fan on the floor angled towards a wall such that the gust of air gets reflected after striking the wall and it gets mixed slightly with the hot air above and also some of the air has been thrown out of the ventilator. A bowl of ice cubes can also be placed before the fan and this will further cool the air being circulated in the room.