/Should I Choose a Separate Shower Cubicle or a Shower Over the Bath?

Should I Choose a Separate Shower Cubicle or a Shower Over the Bath?

Are you refurbishing your bathroom? If so, one of the most important things you need to consider is whether you want a separate shower in a cubicle or a shower over the bath. There are many issues to consider, which include the size of your bathroom and your shower and bath needs. The size of your family makes a difference, as does your budget. Here we explore in a little more detail the advantages and disadvantages of showers over the bath and separate showers.

Reasons for a Separate Shower Cubicle

If you have a large or medium sized bathroom then you can fit a separate Shower Cubicle into the space and make the most of the two options for bathing – shower and bath. In this way you can choose to enjoy a long hot soak in the tub when you want to relax, and a shower in the morning when you are rushing to get to work. A separate shower cubicle generally keeps the water in the right place when you are showering, since an over-bath shower can cause problems with water seeping out from underneath a curtain or a shower guard. If you want your children to take showers then it is safer for them to step into a separate shower cubicle rather than clamber up into a slippery bath.

Benefits of a Shower Over the Bath

If you have a smaller bathroom and you still want a shower as well as a bath you may have no other option but to install a shower over the bath. There may not be any room for a separate shower. You get the best of the two bathing options in a small space. Other advantages of this option include easier cleaning as you only have the bath to worry about, and that a shower over a bath is usually easier and quicker to fit.

Disadvantages of a Shower over the Bath

If you have any problems with mobility, or you are likely to do so in the future, getting into a bathtub to take a shower could present problems. There is also the issue that standing in a bathtub is usually less safe than standing in a specially constructed shower tray as it is more slippery and less stable. Of course, you can put measures in place to make the floor of the bath less slippery with mats and other items. In general, the option you choose can work out very well for the whole family so long as it is the right option for your needs.